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Hiking in Big Bend National Park
Luke Bean
Pearblossom Private School June 5, 2014
Hiking is a way to exercise enjoyed by many people. There are many physical and mental benefits from a good hike. However, there are different precautions that a person should take to have a successful hike depending on the area being hiked. In the Big Bend National Park in Texas you must be familiar with the terrain, the weather and the wildlife you may encounter to have a safe enjoyable hike. There are many trails of different lengths and terrain that could be hiked and depending on the time of year many different climate conditions to deal with. The supplies needed and the safety precautions required will be determined by the time of year and the trail chosen. An enjoyable, safe, educating hike is possible in Big Bend if you have the proper information and the wisdom to apply it.

Hiking in Big Bend National Park Everyone needs some form of exercise to be healthy. There are many different choices of activities that can help us get into shape. When considering what to do you may want to look at hiking as a way to improve your physical and mental health.
Hiking is an enjoyable way to get some exercise. You can do it alone or with a partner or a big group. It can be inexpensive and easy; no matter what level of fitness you are, you can go on a hike. Hiking has many benefits for you physically, it can be a good cardio workout, it works your muscles and helps keep your bones healthy. A good hike can strengthen your core and improve your balance. It can help you to burn calories and help control your weight. It can also help control your blood pressure and blood sugar. (Robinson, 2013)
Being outdoors is good for you physically and mentally. The sunshine helps provide your body with vitamin D, which is needed for healthy bones. Being in the fresh air, enjoying the nature around you can help you to be in a good mood. (“Outdoor Hiking: Why It’s Good,” n.d.) It’s also a way to have a variety of workouts so you won’t get bored, all you have to do is take different path and everything is new.
Although hiking is an easy way to get some exercise, you do have to do some things to be safe. You need to learn about the area you will be hiking in to know what precautions you might need to take. If you are just at a beginner level you should start slow, pick a trail that is easy, maybe flat and not too much of a distance. As you progress you can take a more strenuous trail, one that has some hills or is longer for more of a workout.
A place that has many different kinds of trails and provides all levels of workouts and challenges is in Big Bend National Park in Texas. To have a successful hike there, you have to know the area, the terrain and the weather and how to deal with it in the right way.
There are about 18 main trails in Big Bend. They go from 0.3 miles in length, such as the window view trail and up to 15 miles, such as the south rim trail. Taking anywhere from ¼ of an hour up to 10 hours. Each trail is rated from easy to moderate up to strenuous. Some trails may be paved but most are ruff, uphill and rocky small paths depending on where you decide to hike. (Paul, 2014) Choose a trail that will be interesting to you and that you are capable of doing safely.
There are many choices in clothing for a hiker. What you choose is determined by where you are hiking and what time of year it is. In Big Bend National Park, to protect yourself from the heat and sun, you should consider wearing things like a hat, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and sunscreen. The clothing should be light colored and loose fitting because it helps to protect your body from dehydration. Dehydration is when your body does not have the water it needs to function properly. The average high temperature there is 94.2