Hill and Success Essay

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Everyone has their own definition of success, for some its money for some its providing for their family. No matter how we define it, the process is always the same. To me success is like climbing a mountain. In order to succeed, our desire for succees should be greater than our fear of failure. We must be prepared for the climb and what we may encounter. When climbing a mountain it doesn't’ matter from what direction a person try’s to climb it from, they will reach the top only if they are determined, prepared, motivated and are willing to take risks. Same method apply’s when it comes to achieving success, it can be achieved from whatever direction a person try’s to achieve it from, but only if the person is determined, prepared, motivated and is willing to take any risk or is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success. When we are climbing a mountain there are rocks that may cause you to stumble. There are splits and at times water ways that need forging. It is a hard journey and I’m sure there are times when one feels like quitting and they ask themselves is it all worth it? It all comes down to the person and how much it means to them to be standing at the peak. There are those who stumble on this journey, some fall. When this happens some get up again and continue on their journey up the mountain and some just let it all go. All the effort from the beginning to the point in time when you fall is wasted if you decide to give up after a setback In fact…