Hillary Clinton's Informative Essay: The Woman For Change

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The Woman for Change Controlling the news stories on television, consuming conversations, and infiltrating the thoughts of Americans, the battle for the 2016 presidential election is currently underway. Out of the three viable Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton--the only woman running for the party--is the present frontrunner for the liberal 2016 candidacy. Due to the fact that Clinton possesses an extensive resume in authoritative government positions, there is little speculation that she will win the Democratic preliminaries. On the campaign trail, Clinton uses her past experiences to help her advocate her liberal platform of how she will make changes to the tuition rates of colleges, rectify the judicial system, and fix unfair wages. Starting with her modest beginnings in Park …show more content…
At $7.225, the national minimum wage is far below the needed average living wage of $10. Starting with a conservative proposal to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour, Clinton’s website, entitled “A Plan to Raise American Incomes,” states she intends to eventually follow suit of Los Angeles and New York’s $15 an hour minimum wage. Furthermore, Clinton claims she plans to encourage wealthy corporations to share their profits with their employees by giving these companies large tax breaks (“A Plan”). Additionally, the issue of fair pay for women has been continuously prevalent in Hillary Clinton's campaign. According to Laura Basset, a woman's rights reporter for the Huffington Post, states that currently women earn $0.77 for a man’s dollar doing the same job. Clinton plans to pass legislation to rectify the outrageous injustice of underpaying women. Throughout her campaign trail, Hillary Clinton continues to advocate for the amendment of the injustice of underpaid employees because of the greed of wealthy, chauvinistic