Hillary Clinton's The Silent Truth

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The Silent Truth
With the presidential election’s ceased succession, ending with Trump’s victory, one of the main arguments against his counterpart, Hillary Clinton, was her apparent untrustworthiness and profound secrecy. Due to her skew towards privacy and reserve, paired with her secretive demeanor most likely heightened by her email predicament, it was that which brought voters support Trump, not necessarily a repulsion to her policies. With this current event having an immaculate impact on the future of our country, it is paramount to address the question: Can one align their trust amongst the secretive? Or, rather, can we align our trust amongst those who deem unsuccessful in hiding their possession of secrets proficiently while, of course, paired with their denial of said classified information? Because the fact of the matter is, trusting those who cradle such secrets is unchallenging, as everyone has something to conceal, and respecting that human quality is reasonable. However, one’s willingness to lend that trust increases amongst those who triumph in deeming said secret’s existence as inevident. Therefore, those who keep secrets, secretly, are
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In this essay, the idea of secrecy, or “the quality or state of being hidden or secret,” will be discussed in regards to overcoming adversity, namely in homelessness and poverty, as by example of Jeannette Walls in the text, The Glass Castle, Chris Gardner in the film, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Reba in the article, The Voices Behind the Numbers: Understanding the Experiences of Homeless