Hills Like White Elephants Essay

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The subject the man and the girl are discussing is that of an abortion. The fact that they discuss the "…awfully simple operation"(154) without calling it an abortion relays a lot about the couple and their relationship. Furthermore, by not naming the operation, they are attempting to trivialize the seriousness of the situation, even though at the time having an abortion was a serious act. Clearly, the relationship has many flaws, seen in the way they are dealing with the subject. It is not a straightforward or honest conversation, especially on the part of the man. The man clearly wants the girl to have the abortion. He makes light of the seriousness and psychological impact it would have for the girl. At a point Jig tells the man to “…please please please please please please please stop talking”(156) the repetition of the word please seems as though she is completely fed up with the fact the man keeps bring up the issue. The girl is torn in trying to make a decision. Which could be symbolic of the train station in a way that there are only two ways the train can go and once the train leaves there is no turning back. In a similar sense when Jig makes the choice there is no turning back. In my opinion a part of her wants her baby, and another part of her wants to hang on to her lover. Moreover, if the fact that that the story is part of Hemingway’s 1927 collection Men Without Women is any evidence, they won’t work it out. I believe that they break up and Jig has the…