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Hillside Residential Structure
San Francisco

June 2, 2011

On June 2, 2011, a multi-level, wood-frame residential structure fire claimed the life of two firefighters of the San Francisco, Fire Department. The victims, one lieutenant and one firefighter/paramedic both from engine 26 of the SFFD were attempting to locate the seat of the fire through the front door with an inch and three quarter hose line. While in position waiting to advance there attack on the growing fire located in the basement conditions changed drastically when the basement windows failed providing the super heated gasses in the structure the oxygen it needed to flash over and begin to vent upwards towards the firefighters in the stairwell. The attempts of their fellow firefighter to rescue them where quickly shot down ass the temperatures skyrocketed in the structure. The lieutenant died on scene while the firefighter/paramedic passed away at the San Francisco General hospital as a result of his injuries. At approximately 10:45 the San Francisco fire department was dispatched to a curtain fir in a residential structure. Engine 26 was the first arriving on scene and observed light smoke showing from the garage of the four story residence. Engine 26 immediately initiated an interior fire attack through the front door on the A side of the structure. Engine 24 arrived on scene shortly after providing back up for Engine 26 through the garage entrance. Battalion Chief 6 assumed incident command and proceeded to assign Battalion Chief 9 to fire attack. Upon entry of the structure Battalion 9 received a face to face CAN report from Engine 26 stating that the fire was beneath them in the basement living room, this would be the last contact with the fire fighters from engine 26. Battalion 9 proceeded out of the structure to look for an alternate entrance to the fire floor on the B side of the building. At this point Engine 11 was on scene and was instructed to lead an inch and three quarter line towards Battalion Chief 9 at the B side entrance. At approximately 10:58 the basement windows began to fail creating a backdraft in the building with super heated smoke and gasses venting upwards toward the front entrances on the A side of the structure. BC 9 used his halligan bar to gain entry into the basement for Engine 11 to advance their inch and three quarter hose line. They encountered heavy smoke and a fully involved room and were eventually forced to back out of the B side entrance. RIC was assigned to Engine 32 but they where quickly reassigned to provide backup for Engine 11 at the bravo entrance. At approximately 11:00 Rescue 1A and Engine 24 arrived and began to make entry though the garage to located the missing firefighters from Engine 26, their efforts where unsuccessful due to the extreme heat venting upwards towards them. Finally at 11:02 E32 backing up E11 were able to make entry on the B side entrance putting two, inch and three quarter hose lines on the fire. Approximately two minutes later Truck 15 where beginning ventilation on the roof while E11 finished knocking down the basement contents fire. With the fire now under control, Rescue 1A and Engine 24 where ready to make entry though the front door to locate the downed firefighters. Following Engine…