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This assignment provides an overview about the HR role and function that are important to an organization which would like to achieve its objective, by understanding how HR role and function work and support for reaching that objective; indicates how employees are important to this and also points out a distinction between management and leadership. For this case study, we will see the process in Hilton Group plc which related to HRM and its employees such as how can they deliver a service quality to their customer ,and who was behind the success.
Company Brief Overview
Hilton Group plc was a hospitality organization which was integrated between Hilton and Stakis plc to create a new brand. It was divided in to four global regions and each of them was given the decentralized organization structure .By the way, they have the same objective "Hilton Brand". Nowadays, there is no longer Hilton Group plc. It sold its hotels division, Hilton International, to Hilton Hotels Corporation in 2006.
Defining the roles and function of HRM
The role and function of HRM is the distinctive key point that drives an organization to achieve a current or future objective .It can increase organization success and also develop employee potentials through the high- performance by taking initiatives and provide guidance and support on all matters that relating to its company (Michael Armstrong,2006). The HRM emphasizes in "having the right people, in the right number, in the right place, in the right job, at the right time and cost and also with the right attitude and motivation.(RDI handbook, 2009) As we can say, the effective management of people in organization can drive your organization to achieve the goal efficiently. The HR function is something that dealing with people by managing and developing (Michael Armstrong, 2003)
Significantly, most part of an organization depends on the in HR department. "It is particularly concerned with all the activities that contribute to successfully attracting, developing, motivating and maintaining a high-performing workforce that results in its success"(Ronald R. Sims,2007,p5). Without people those activities do not exist; the HR function needs to demonstrate that it can add values to an organization (Lengnick-Hall, et al.,1999). Delivering a good quality of services to make customers satisfied is the considerable point for the organization especially in the hospitality industry , an organization with more satisfied customers will be more successful and more profitable .Unavoidably, Service Quality and customer satisfaction have long been recognized as playing a crucial role for success and survival in a competitive market and not surprisingly, especially in the condition of the market in the present worldwide recession, if any organization can make a competitive advantage through the high quality services that means they can step forward more than other organizations which are running the same business. For this reason HRM is the major part of the organization which can produce a good quality of employees in order to deliver a good quality of services to all customers.
According to the case study, when these two organizations, Hilton and Stakis decided to integrate to the Hilton Group plc, there were many factors that they had to consider and focus on such as reputation and structure, and clearly, the different organizational cultures between the two companies was the most difficult for them to integrate together, even though these two companies were running the same kind of business. We can, firstly, recognize that the HR department was the important part who played the significant role for the new organization. They chose to maintain the Stakis organizational culture "personality", engendering customer loyalty by being "accessible and intuitive", make service mistakes but overcoming them in a friendly manner. They did this first by placing the senior people from the Stakis organization into the key