Essay on Him420 Quality and Risk Scenario Case Study

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A Quality or Risk Scenario Case Study

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February 17, 2013

Table of Contents

I. Thesis and Introduction: Page 3

2. Patient care and safety scenario Pages 3-6 A.Blood Transfusions B.HIM role in helping reduce risk and cost

3. Scenario related to a physical plant Pages 6-9 A. Power failure risk in health care institutions B. How HIM can help prevent and prepare for a power failure

4. Scenario related to staffing Pages 9-11 A. Using operational checklists to reduce staffing liability B. HIM responsibilities in creating and developing an evolving program

5. Conclusion Pages 11-12

The HIM professional can have a direct impact on the quality or compliance of
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This is where the HIM professional can come into play. The HIM can take research articles like this or even acquire their own research and then do training to educate the hospital staff. The Hopkins study indicated that when the HIM spoke directly with the surgeons and showed them the research there was a tendency to accept the new mindset and start delaying blood transfusions until the patient hemoglobin dropped below 7. This resulted in extra blood supply for those patients who truly need it and a significant reduced operating cost to the institution. It’s the HIM’s job to establish or change procedures that reflect changing and beneficial modalities and to get the information out to the hospital physicians and staff so they can help reduce institutional costs and ultimately benefit their own livelihood. This process can be done for hundreds or even thousands of processes currently in place within a hospital institution. Now we move on from our blood transfusion scenario to one involving the infrastructure of the hospital. The specific example to be used here is the hospital power supply. Hurricane Sandy revealed for many healthcare institutions in the north eastern United States that they were not as prepared as they thought. Some of these hospitals did have emergency generators in place, but they did no good for providing