Hindu Extremist Speech Essay

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Camille Burbidge Izquierdo
Teacher: Heidi Quinsey
Worldviews Of Modern India
345-102-MQ, Section 1207
Speech - Hindu Extremist #13
2013 02 21
Hindu Extremist Speech

Jinnah is right about one thing - Muslims are not part of the Hindu nation, as he states in his "two-nation theory": Muslims and Hindus "represent two entirely distinct and separated civilizations" (Jinnah 47). It is true that we live on the same territory, but India has always been a Hindu Society for thousands of years. So, why should any part of India be given to a group of people who are not part of the Hindu nation? Why should the Muslims have a part of the land that has been part of us for generation after generation, which we consider our own nation? Why should Hindus compromise their inherent rights and land?

So what is a nation? A nation is brought together by "a contiguous piece of land delimited as far as possible by natural boundaries, to serve as the base on which the nation has to live, grow and prosper" (Guha 341). However, Muslims are spread out in many parts of the world, and have no roots in the same place. Their desire to have an independent Muslim country is based on a religious and spiritual purpose, and not on a national purpose. In fact, their first loyalty is to Islam and other Muslims, and not to any piece of land that Hindus consider a nation. Muslims "have ... developed a feeling of identification with the enemies of this land...[and] look to some foreign lands as their holy places" (Guha 342). If they want their own country, there is nothing preventing them from moving to these other Muslim countries where they can live freely in their own faith. Hindus, on the other hand, only live in India. To take part of our land is not right, and would be equivalent to amputating a part of both our body and soul.

Furthermore, Muslims are "taught that [they are] part of a world-wide community of the faithful and that nationalism is a sin" (Gandhi 13). Why would we give them a part of Hindu land when they do not believe in their own nation? They are also