Hinduism and Daoism Comparative and Contrast essay

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Hinduism and Daoism are both very influential religions and beliefs. Hinduism, which is monotheistic, has a caste system and believes in reincarnation. Daoism, which is a belief, believes in harmony in nature and the world around you, and also believes in reincarnation, both affected the social aspects of society.

Hinduism and Daoism are similar in the fact that they both were influential in the social hierarchy. Hinduism, which had the caste system, believed in reincarnation and if they had good dharma, they would be reincarnated to the next level in the caste system. Daoism, which means the way, believed in harmony with the world and it focused on yin and yang, which stated that no one is all good, yin, or all bad, yang. Daoism is the belief of the interdependence of things and in nature. Despite Hinduism being from India and Daoism from China, both believed in reincarnation. Daoism believed that if you were in harmony with the world around you, you would be reborn in a better station than before. Similarly in Hinduism, if you fulfilled your dharma, your job in life, then you would be born higher in the caste system. These are the similarities between Hinduism and Daoism.

Hinduism and and Daoism differ in the fact that Hinduism is a religion and Daoism is a belief. Hinduism is monotheistic but their god Vishnu, takes many forms. Daoism, created by Laozi in 6th century B.C.E., focuses on being at harmony with nature and the world around you and by understanding Yin and Yang, the belief that there is no absolute good or evil. Hinduism differs from Daoism because in Hinduism there is a caste system and in Daoism there is none. Also in Hinduism, with the reincarnation process, if you fulfilled your dharma, you would be reincarnated to the next level of the caste system, whereas in Daoism, you are reincarnated to a higher level if you are at peace with nature, yourself, and the world around you. Daoism didn't have a social ranking system whereas Hinduism has the caste system and Daoism treated women equally. Despite having no gods, Daoism was believed by many people like Hinduism