Hinduism-Belief, Religion, Or Other?

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Hinduism - belief, religion, or something else?

One can devote a lifetime to the study of the Hinduism and still be left with more questions than answers. The nature and origins have been contemplated for years leaving the ever-present mystery in humankinds claim as the third largest religion on the planet. Only asking over and over is Hinduism a belief a religion or something else. One can begin with the overall sense that time has distorted and convoluted the true origin of Hinduism to the point where the name is even contended. The best information available is unfortunately word of mouth as the origins are 5th or 6th century BC. This leaves large areas of interpretation in the context that a belief system came about amongst a social and cultural class of people in a manner, which provided comfort, worth, and compassion for all of humankind. Was it really a religion? It may have very well been a practice of beliefs within a social structure that gave way to conformity. The early belief would have been spread as word of mouth and drawings depicting this unification of all people. Though the depiction of gods and deities were to what many believe incorporate belief one can think they were to subjugate the unknowing. Yet the belief evolved into what one would consider as a religion, or practice that one should live by. The lack of centralized discipline, leaving one to adhere to their personal beliefs and may have been the reason for the spread and variations that continue today. (***BBC) The theories behind Hinduism and its true beginnings are also steeped in mystery and controversy. There is a theory in which the Aryan influence into the region was responsible for the origination of the Hindu religion, yet a second theory dispels this and falls under the belief that the origins have grown from the from the a collective structure of small village beliefs that combined formed on in the same. Scholars and historians will forever debate its true origin and theorist will always bring something new to the table as in recent revelations that the influence of the cultures and societies of the ancient Indian people had to have been extraterrestrial in nature. Could there have be and intervention of some kind one of unknown origin that brought humankind together as one to believe in a universal practicum in which all are equal. And open to the personal form of belief one ones true self. The theory does maintain that the humankinds grasp for knowledge and power is self evident in the different forms of religion as they came into existence. Though all can be construed as grasps for power and control. It is the Hindu practice of beliefs that willingly accept those whose practice differs. As