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The term “Hinduism” is often construed. Many including myself grow up believing that this is one set particular religion. In reality this is far from the truth. The term was given to the people of the Indus River many years ago. The term has since then stuck. The British initiated this within the 19th century. The main reason was to asset in a censoring project. There are several religions within the “Hinduism” term. One that is typically or more commonly known is Buddhism, others include Jainism and Sikhism. Considering that the Hinduism does not necessarily have a particular belief system it is unlike any other religion. The main thing that Hinduism relies on and is built around is Karma. This is essentially what keeps its believers or followers in line. Karma basically states that how you treat someone determines your fate. You may choose to have bad or good fate. The choice is yours and will be depicted as you live your life and how you interact within the community and with any other being on this earth. Like Karma Hinduism is closely tied to meditation and self-preservation. There are several types of meditation, but one of the more commonly known forms is Yoga. Today in society and modern America it is a popular form of exercise or stretching, but to “Hinduism” it act as something much more. This is very important to the religion and is nearly a ritual and is believed to help heal from within.

Like any other culture, religion, or group of people there is always a form of an outer influence Society has always shaped our beliefs and the world around us today. This has always been true and will continue to be true as long as man allows it to be influenced. With this being said many times the influences that have shaped a religion or culture then become part of that region or even seem to be part of the very ground we stand upon. Society has a way of changing religious rituals and beliefs as well. For example the forming of caste within their society basically created classes of people such as the Brahims who were the highest and typically priests all the way down to the outcaste, which is, were the modern term derives from. Were at the very bottom level. These people were responsible for trash cleanup, removal of human waste, and also the removal of dead bodies as well. They believed that a boy and girl should not marry out of caste and if they decided to d so they could kill them. This is an example of how society has formed and shaped this religion. It is now looked down upon for using any of these actions. Although these rituals have faded the religion of Hinduism has a strong bond to the region it…