Essay on Hinduism: Reincarnation and Moksha

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Hinduism is the name given to one of the most ancient religion practices in India. The term Hinduism refers to a diverse system of beliefs. Hinduism is a very different type of religion that doesn’t offer one path but it offers many paths to salvation. Because of the many paths this religion encompasses, it is extremely difficult for people to understand. The teachings of Hinduism state that complete salvation is achieved through concept of samsara and moksha. As a result of these basic teachings, the Hindus believe in reincarnation and karma. I find this doctrine to be very interesting, yet also convincing. The things one must do to reach ultimate liberation are somewhat similar to the things we practice in Christianity.
The word samsara means endless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. Reincarnation is one of the most influential practices in the Hinduism religion, ultimately ending the cycle of samara. It is said that Karma is the most important basis of actions and can determine if a person is reincarnated. The theory of karma states that a person makes their own choices and will have to deal with the consequences. With Reincarnation the Hindu culture believes that when a person dies, their soul and spirit are reborn in a different form of life. The object that a spirit reincarnates depends on the life a person leads and if they lived a life that has any disapproval by any god they would be born in a low form of life. If they live a good life they will be reincarnated into a higher form of life. In Christianity we also see a cause and effect type of relationship with our actions, I don’t know if I would call it Karma because, all Karma isn`t bad. Christianity also believes in a form of reincarnation of the soul and spirit, but the goal of Christianity is eternal reward in Heaven and avoiding Hell.
Moksha is liberation from the cycle of samara, this means breaking the cycle that consist of samsara and karma. Moksha is the ultimate goal of life and liberation and something that every soul wishes to partake in. It all seems like such an easy concept, but Moksha is unattainable for most people. This (Moksha) can be experienced through death (the stages of Samsara) or while still living. Throughout a Hindu’s