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Karma, is a concept of, if you’re doing the wrong, the wrong will bite you back… as in, in your next life. Having your actions being the reaction to your future, these actions could be good as well as leading to the fact of your wealthy reincarnated life. Vedic religion and also incorporating the Dravidian cultures together were to form a religion we all know as Hinduism. Though contrasting between the Vedic to the Hinduism religion are different because in Hindu there was more time to contact between gods and individual worshipers; without the need to have sacrifice, as the central concept of the religion. Personal devotion to a deity like Vishnu, Shiva or Devi. Having both Shiva and Devi play the part of a fertility and female deity. Vishnu is the benevolent deity who helps people who need help. In times when a demonic force threatens the cosmic order, Vishnu appears on earth for avataras (incarnations). Krishna is supposed to represent the creation and destruction, since it is a repeated process. Worshipping is a way to approach god to obtain a favor. To have a place to worship requires a temple with shrines and beautiful decorations. A common form of worshipping is called puja, which means them providing the service of bathing, clothing, or feeding to the statue. A journey to famous shrines and being at the festivals shows devotions of worshipers. The Ganges River was considered to have sacred waters, since each year millions of devoted worshipers travel to…