Hip Hop Media

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Courtney Hudson
Hip-Hop Intellectuals
Media plays a big role in hip-hop culture. Television is the biggest role yet in hip-hop culture. For example when kids watch television they pick up a lot of information on violence and drugs. They also do the things that they see on television. BET shows a lot of violence, sexual acts, and drugs. So they think that it is alright for them to do it. Television also pressures young teenagers to get involved with drugs and drinking, because their favorite rapper does it. “Raps were beginning to break down the doors barring access to the mainstream, exploding onto radio and TV with its politics intact.” Just like on T.V. Eminem’s movie 8 Mile being an R-rated movie and it was a hit on American cable.
Radio has a big influence on hip-hop culture the businesses does not care what they play, if it has curse words, or sexual things in it as long as they are making their money. Just like when you listen to the radio you hear all kinds of things talking about going to the clubs. They influence young teenagers to want to go to the clubs maybe even sneak around just to do the things they see others doing in the media. Radios have explicit lyrics and young teenagers hear it everyday. You may not want your child to listen to that type of music but what choice do you have. They are going to listen to it when they are with their friends or just by themselves. Hip-hop is negative in many ways like using bad language and kids can pick the bad