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Most people think that Hip Hop or Rap music is full of violent and drug related lyrics, while most of it is tom e hip hop is not bad it is a form expression and a way to vent your feelings in a way that most people can relate to. Hip hop is a form of poetry that allows people who have had rough lives can tell their stories about the talent that they have obtained through music to the people that may be living their lives similar or the exact same way. Hip Hop to me is a culture a background to the movement and African American growth. Hip hop has grown from a group of friends just rapping in the basement to selling out shows in Madison Square Garden. Hip Hop is a voice of expression that speaks to the soul of the lost and to the mind and heart of the less fortunate trying to make a name for them so they might make a better place for their families and the ones that they care about. Hip Hop takes the lives of the underprivileged and turns it into the movement and the progression that we call hip hop. I don’t understand why people put a label on hip hop. Hip hop has nothing to do with the negative outlook that is placed on society. The choices that people in this world make has absolutely nothing to hip hop music, the choices and crimes that people commit is due to their own doing not what the music they listen too. Hip hop is an art a way of expression through creation and life. It poses no threat to anyone. It gives people hope that if they are going through the same thing that the person is rapping about they can make it and be in a better place. Hip hop to me is a way to escape the pressures of everyday life. Hip Hop speaks to the listeners and tells them a story that almost everyone can relate to in ways that comfort them and make them feel better. Hip Hop has a conversation with the listener. It gives the underprivileged a vision of hope and by listening to it gives them a sense of reason and a dream to make it out of the place where they are now so that they might provide for their families using their god giving talent to fluently take the thought that they have and put them on paper, and from that paper they add a beat and speak the knowledge that they have written down on that paper and give the listener something to believe in. How can somebody using a god given talent be able to make something bad? The messages that they give about drugs and violence is a reflection of their life that they may or may not be proud of, they could be sending a message by letting the people know what they are going through so the listeners won’t make the same mistake they did. Listening to hip hop artist such J. Cole you can see the motivation he is trying to send to his listeners. He raps about the things he went through as a child and tells his fans. He tells them he grew up without a father and that he doesn’t want to make the same mistake that his father made. How can that message be a bad one? Telling kids to take care of their kids and don’t run from the responsibilities that come with it. He also talks about how he stayed in school made honor roll and never sold one drug. His lyrics speak knowledge and positivity and paint a great picture because he also talked about the neighborhood in which he grew up in and tells the story how he made it out of a tough situation with the talent his has obtained through the god given talent to