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Dance Music and Music Technology
Developments in music technology

Without the advances in music technology over the last 20 years, it would not have been possible to produce much of the dance music we know today, as most of it relies upon the use of variations types of technology.
Types of music technology

* MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface * Synthesiser – digital instrument sounds eg. Keyboards, strings * Remix / Sampling – extracts taken from already existing reacording and used in a new piece * Sequencer – can record, edit and replay music stored as MIDI information * Multi tracking – layering of many parts / instruments * Looping – short section of a tune (eg. a hook) then repeated as a loop to create a longer tune
Other types of technology...

* Vocoder – machine that distorts the voice * Scratching – of vinyl’s by DJ’s * Panning – ‘echo or stereo effect’ between 2 speakers. * Electric guitar effects – distortion, reverd, echo, wah-wah pedal, delay * Pitch bend * Drum machine

Different types of dance music

* Trance * Hard style * Hardcore * Euro dance * Break beat * Jungle * Drum and Bass * House * Deep house * Minimal * Electro * Happy hardcore * Dubstep * (Real) Techno

* Rap = Speaking rhythmically to a beat * Emerged in America 1970s (goes hand in hand with hip-hop) * Rap used to express opinions of artists – social and/or political issues. Introduced beat-boxing and MCing * Use of scratching, drum machines * Great deal of improvising * New type of dance – break-dancing * Artists – Eminem, Ice T, Missy