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Analysis and Interpretation of Hip-Hop Style

Hip hop style came from rap music culture. The semiotic system is based on three different coding operations, bipolar opposition, literal & extended description, and implied figures of speech. The hip-hop system is a branch of a larger category of appearance-related systems. Street style is most commonly a dress form associated with forms of ethnic, youth, gay, lesbian and others. The big controversy is not the actual elements of dress but rather that street style clothing only conveys cursing and superficial meaning. According to media coverage this controversy first came about in the 1990’s. Back then, significant characteristics of the style were, shirts with hemlines so large that they drug the ground and crotches extended to the knees. Underwear were visible as well as shoe laces left untied or with complex lacings. The method of the experiment exhibited set out to describe the structures that support hip hop style. Data for this experiment was obtained through scholarly and popular works of hip hop culture. The article says that the Damhorst’s model and not signs of the hip hope system but rather each element and its relationship with the wearer. However, hip hop elements that are represented are retail price tags left attached to garments and alarm clocks worn as pendants. Nearly all signs in the hip hop system fall in the intrapersonal layers of the model. The term “wigger” extended from social and cultural environments for it signifies associations with rap music, gangs, and racial stereotypes. The results of the experiment resulted in two kinds of structures a set of rules for conventional dress and a pattern of relationship for the hip hop system, one offers very clear guidelines while the other has various ideas of conflict. Should the bases on which meanings are generated be examined to grasp a better understanding of many style of