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Hip-hop vs. Society

Hip-hop, it’s not just a genre of music, but a movement as well. This lifestyle drew society in with a welcoming spirit that seems to be omnipresent in the modern world. From the catchy music to the style and appearance of the performer drew us in. This style of music is looked upon by teens as the cool thing to do, and in all reality this is just the opposite for the average person, that has to go to school, get employed, and work for someone with a higher authority. To a rapper the way they dress does not matter because at the end of the day they still get paid. The style that rappers portray is flashy and catchy in a sort of way. But in the professional world, this style is not accepted in any way, shape, or form. Hip hop has such an impact on today’s society that it has us blinded to the image it has on teens today, which is the look of unprofessionalism, to most it could be laziness, and from the adult perspective the look of a hoodlum. In this paper I will try to explain how hip hop has an effect on how society is, and the different trends that pop up as well. Throughout history, music has been used to express a range of emotions, as well as to influence, educate, and inspire. Hip-hop can influence teens in many ways other than clothing. Hip-hop plays a part on all aspects of the human life. From the obscene and vulgar language to the baggie clothes you see individuals wearing from time to time. This type of music is looked upon negatively in the professional world; even though there might be a positive message within. By the way this music is projected it comes across as nothing but negativity. This in a way explains why teens tend to curse more without noticing when they talk. This being because in hip hop you tend to hear a lot of cursing and the degrading of women. With knowing teens, they are going to recite this music, and the more it is recited the higher chance that the word use of the artist will be engraved in their head and unforgotten. There are many ways that hip-hop is influential to society fashionably, from the old school hip-hop with MC Hammer’s parachute pants or known as “Hammer pants”, to Run DMC with big knotted gold chains. These are just a few ways on how hip-hop has influenced the fashion side. As time moved on hip-hop went from the “Hammer pants” to baggie jeans that look like they were made for a fat man, even though big knotted chains stayed, more jewelry was added such as the “grill” which put a huge negative look on the people who wore them. These teeth accessories would sometimes stain the teeth and even sometimes rot them out. Who want to risk the chance of their teeth falling out for a simple accessory? Certain casual attire in school is not looked upon as heavily as it would be in the business world. Teenagers can look and dress how they