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March 20th,2015
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Hip Hop / Dance

The Roots and Origin of Hip Hop


habba Doo , born a little under 20 years before locking was originated was one of the

primary choreographers and dancers that fell under the category of ‘Breakdancing’ or given the
title breakdancer. He was one of the main dancers of The Original Lockers , alongside with Don
Campbell. Although , popping and locking was founded by Buggalo Sam in Fresno, California ,
Shabba being from Chicago still gave insight on the cultural dance style. His most infamous
move is the “Ozone “ from his outbreak film Breakin’ , which , people still reference to this day.
He eventually moved from Chicago to the west coast (Los Angeles) in the early 70s , because
that’s where locking and popping was heavily introduced and rooted in the culture of the West
Coast. Videos on the internet , of Doo’s Ozone move , is similar to the strong man with the
variating single and double lock at a fast pace and swift movements with his legs, The dance
style requires him to be in a bent position , and a lot of arm­work. He follows the regiment of
most hip hop leaders , energized and quick on their feet. He is a legendary figure. As an
award­winning Choreographer/Director , he has amassed an impressive 30 plus years of
experience in the entertainment industry. Shabba­Doo has worked extensively in creative and
executive production capacities for highly successful feature films, television shows, major
concert tours, and Broadway musical theater productions. In the early 1970’s, Shabba­Doo,
danced his way into a lucrative professional career, making his initial mark as a founding
member of the legendary street­dance troupe, The Lockers, forefathers of contemporary urban
dance (Hip­Hop).After several successful years with the fabled troupe, Shabba­Doo embarked on
a stand­out solo career, starring in and choreographing a string of high­profile internationally
televised specials and feature films, including: Breakin’ (Cannon/MGM); Breakin’ 2: Electric
Boogaloo (Cannon/Tri­Star Pictures); Lambada…Set The Night On Fire (Warner Bros.); and
The Big Show (NBC). The success of his trend­setting, box­office smashes impelled the
authoritative Dance Magazine to dub Shabba­Doo “Hip­Hop’s first matinee idol.” This
distinguished recognition of his visionary dance talents, led to collaborative working
relationships with a wide­range of superstars such as Madonna, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson,
Lionel Ritchie, Bill Cosby and even ole blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra! He states in an
interview “ Before we were The Lockers, we were all friends, associates or rivals in some way,
dancing in the night clubs in and around the Crenshaw strip in Los Angeles. My street dance
name at that time was Sir Lance­A­Lock” and how these big groups were once just a bunch of
kids hanging out who all had talents and creative dance styles.

Don Campbell

Don "Campbellock" Campbell (January 7, 1951 in Saint Louis, Missouri) is an American dancer
and choreographer best known for having invented the "locking" dance, and for his work with
the Lockers which included former member Toni Basil. Campbell discovered dance while
studying commercial art at Los Angeles Trade–Technical College. In 1971, Campbell joined the
cast of Soul Train once the program arrived in Los Angeles. He was a featured dancer until 1973,
when he was removed from the program for requesting that performers be paid. He…