Hippa and Nursing Essay

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HIPAA and Nursing
Catherine L. Workman
University of Phoenix
Jul. 26, 06

To discuss how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has affected my nursing practice today we must first discuss the Act itself. The protection and privacy of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which became law in ,1996. Subtitle F of Title II of HIPAA, entitled "Administrative Simplification, "requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to adopt national standards for certain information- related activities of the health care industry. This law works to make the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care system by mandating the development of standards and requirements to enable
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I must make sure there is nothing in the hallways which would let someone be able just to look at my papers, for example, my report sheet I turn it over if I leave the area or I take it with me . HIPAA's privacy requirements apply to personally identifiable information to in clued not only the electronic as previously discussed but oral communication and faxes also. We must remove all personal identifiable information such as social security number, name , birthdates, and phone number and anything else that could identify the patient unless the risk is small it will fall into the wrong hands. Patient's names cannot be posted out side doors any longer In hallways, elevators and anywhere there is a chance for a conversation to be overheard we are not allowed to speak of the patient. These unintentional violations could cost the hospital a huge fine and a loss of my job. The layout of the hospital floor is such that all computers do not face towards public eye to prevent accidental viewing of patient information. Our file cabinets are out of public reach and some information is under lock and key. We used to do walking rounds with nurse to nurse and at each patients bed.. We are no longer allowed to do this as we could possibly be accidentally heard. We do report in a closed room and only those involved in patient care are in the room. We in the medical