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Taylor Swift album “Red”

By Sophia Jungenberg (February 13, 2013)

Taylor Swift’s album “Red,” which was released on October 22nd, 2012, expresses her love for being young, but the struggles that go along with it. (Photo credit?)

Taylor Swift, a country-pop singer songwriter who made it big for herself at a young age of 23, has sold 20 million copies of her first album released in 2006. Now the popular singer has recently released her newest album “Red” that includes 22 hit songs, including: “I knew you were trouble,” “All too well” and “We are never ever getting back together.” Although she's gaining huge success with her new album, is it really what people want to listen to when they think of “Taylor Swift the county singer?" With her past albums, every beat was perfect, every strum of a guitar and a tap of the piano, and every lyric had a peaceful feeling, like everything was ok. Now With her newest/ more recent albums, it’s about loving life the way it is, being you. For example, in her song “22” it encourages the listeners to be “young,” which are relevant to teenagers because it’s a song about youth. Believe it or not, I like the way she is changing, believe it or not, from just talking about guys and her relationships she has been with to now talking about being young (living life?). What do you think? Freshman Chance Johnson says, “Yes but no … The songs are good, but she’s trying too hard to be someone she’s not.”…