Hiroshima and Good Moral People Essay

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August 6th 1945 not only Japan but also the whole world was changed forever, America dropped the first constructed atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan. Many casualties and injuries of innocence citizens of Japan were sustained. The attack although in a time of war was extremely detrimental to Japan an a cruel treacherous act. As a result of the bomb citizens of Hiroshima were killed, seriously injured, or plagued with illness. Dropping the bomb destroyed countless lives in some way, overall it was an unjust act by America. The book Hiroshima is a perfect illustration of the pain and suffering of Japanese people as a result of the bomb. The Bomb is considered an unjust act by Americans because of the amount of casualties and injuries suffered, the emotional and mental effect of the nation as a whole and the physical and economical toll it put on the city.

America using the bomb did not target kill and injure solely Japan officials or soldiers but murdered or injured the majority of the innocent citizens of Hiroshima.
Many citizens dyed terrible painful deaths buried under rubble or terribly burned. Women and children were not spared either, mothers dyed with infants in there hands buried under piles of debris. Mothers saw their children burned to death, children saw there mothers and fathers murdered by the rancorous atomic bomb with no mercy for their future sanity. The bomb did not spare the just or unjust people it destroyed everything in its path leaving a permanent stain on all people in more than a thirty-mile radius. Great people like Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge who dedicated their whole lives to helping people, due to the bomb lived the rest of his life needing help. After the bomb he was riddled with injuries and lived an extremely painful life still trying to help others. America cannot be considered just when people like this are attacked because of them and their bomb. Good moral people where murdered and seriously injured which not only affected them but also the people closest to them. The bomb deformed people, seriously burned people, destroyed woman’s hair and completely altered there physical appearance for the rest of their lives, not only did these horrid injuries effect them not only physically but also mentally.

Having your home land completely destroyed and being force to start over with unknown health issues and the weight of the close ones who dyed on your mind is an emotional and mental strain that Americans never could fathom. It is the burden America has put on the surviving Hiroshima victims. Not only do they live with the memory of their love ones and old life but the deformities and diseases caused by the bomb. Living life like this can drive people insane their whole person and the way they are looked at is changed. Survivors of the bomb are ridiculed and placed with the name hibakusha and discriminated in the work force. Not only do these tortured souls deal with their terrible injuries and sickness but also they are subjected to discrimination and negativity. These survivors live with an incredible amount of pain mentally from this. Miss Sasaki, one of the survivors suffered a terrible leg injury deforming her and causing her to limp for the rest of her life, as a result of this was left by her fiancé. Miss Sasaki never married or had any children, she was mentally scared and hurt by her fiancé leaving. She in return never sought out for marriage again and became a nun. The bomb completely altered her way of thinking and life. The bomb effected the way the