Essay on Hiroshima: Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Atom Bomb

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Dylan Venator
Mr. Rutledge
History 11
October 4, 2013

The Decision of the Atomic bomb August 6, 1945, after 44 months of brutal combat in the Pacific, a B-29 Bomber Plane, carried the most devastating weapon created by man to this date. Its goal was to end the war between Japan and the U.S. This bomb was a last resort to end this war, and President Truman found it necessary to use this weapon against Japan. Most people questioned Truman’s choice, they think that the bomb was too drastic and unnecessary, so, did President Truman make the right choice? And was it necessary to use this weapon? These are questions that most historians to this date are still trying to figure out. The war between Japan, and the U.S.A, was extremely deadly, it carried on for nearly three and a half years, until President Truman gave out the orders to unleash the atomic bomb onto Hiroshima, The blast of the atom bomb did not only effect Hiroshima but anywhere from 19.6 square miles was effected. Three days later another bomb carrying the same devastation destroyed Nagasaki, this bomb ended up killing over 70,000 people, which means that approximately 39.2 square miles was effected in this attack. That still wasn’t the end of the bombing though, after the bomb hit and the destruction has ended, any survivors would have been exposed to radiation, which scientists have confirmed that most victims later devolved various types of Cancers. Most people think President Truman made the wrong choice, and he shouldn’t have dropped the bomb. They think there could have been a more humane way of dealing with this, but in all honesty there just wasn’t. Studies show that there would have been more deaths if the war had carried on than the dropping of the bomb caused, also the U.S.A knew that the Japanese wouldn’t give up, they would of kept fighting and fighting until they won. The U.S knew they couldn’t let that happen, and they thought the only way to end this war and save more lives, was to show who has the most firepower and scare the leaders of Japan by taking out two major cities, and killing over 70,000 people. Historians say that this was the biggest decision made in recent years, and after the several years people began to ask why this bomb was dropped. People will never know what President Truman’s true motives were, for dropping this bomb. Even by reading his personal diary this decision will remain a mystery.
There will always be people who say that was has been done is done, it was the right choice and if we didn’t make it their could have been serious consequences, and then there are others who will think that the bombing wasn’t right and we could of solved our problems without the use of a nuclear weapon, and there will never be a correct answer, because we don’t know what could of happened if this bomb hasn’t been dropped. The Japanese may have thought the