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Hiroshima Lit. Circle {Discussion Leader}
Madison Harvey

1. Since the bombings in Japan took a huge toll on the hospital supplies, do you think they take more precautions, like having more supplies readily available, now?
Pg 46-47, “Ceilings and partitions had fallen; plaster, dust, blood, and vomit were everywhere. Patients were dying by the hundreds, but there was nobody to carry away the corpses.” During disasters hospitals usually have many problems, like power outages, supply demand, and too many patients per doctor. Now they have more safety precautions, extra supplies and better quality and quantity of medicines. More doctors and professionals are employed and they will probably have more help in times of need.

2. Do you think the Japanese will treat foreigners how Americans did after Pearl Harbor?
Pg 53, “The woman’s gentleness made Father Kleinsorge suddenly want to cry. For weeks, he had been feeling oppressed by the hatred…” I think that Japanese people will treat foreigners, especially Americans, very differently. During the time when the bomb had been dropped, officers had acted hostile to Father K. and his friends when they had been speaking German. Japanese might treat them differently, not trust him as much because they could think he’s a spy.

3. Why do you think people turn toward religion in times of need?
Pg 60, “Now he was very weak and knew he was going to die. He was willing to be comforted by any religion.” When people know the end