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Japanese Civilization Worksheet
Part I: Timeline

Create a timeline of Japanese civilization, listing any major events in the civilization’s history.

You may create your own timeline using Microsoft® Word or you may use any of the timeline creators online. However, if you use an online resource, you must provide a web link to the completed timelines or a screenshot of your timelines. You may also use the University of Phoenix Timeline Builder.

300 BCE: The Yayoi period heralding new technologies and skills, many obtained from China
0 CE: Shintoism becomes the national religion ( Japan adopts the Gregorian calendar in 1873 )
250-260: Founding of the Great Shrine of Ise
500: Japan adopts the Chinese alphabet
552: Introduction of Buddhism into Japan
645: Kotoku became the emperor of Japan
749: Shomu's daughter Koken, becomes empress
794: The Heian era - the Capital of Japan moved to Heian-kyo
838: The Japanese emperor forbids contacts with China
1100: The Taira and the Minamoto fought for control of Japan
1180: The Minamoto clan obtained controlled of the country
1181: Great famine kills hundreds of thousands of people
1192: Yoritomo was given the title Shogun and led the government which became known as a Shogunate
1274: Kublai Khan and the Mongols try to invade Japan but are repelled by “kamikaze”
1330: The Ashikaga clan seized power
Part II: Cultural Contributions

Complete the following matrix with at least