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Rusheeda Morris
Eng. 100
Professor Macy
Essay #2 love/ to be loved
Learning to love is not something people do over night, love is something that you have to feel from inside out. My name is Rusheeda Morris I am 19 years old and I myself was once in love. At first I wasn’t sure what is love, where it’s from, or how it should feel. Until I met my ex-boyfriend O’Neal. O’Neal was 6 feet 2inches tall, dark milky skin, curly hair and very handsome. I he was a charmer, a gentleman a gay every girl dream of. It was my junior year in high school when I met him. He was one of the quit, yet cool teen in high school and didn’t really hang around crowd or anywhere other teens that enjoy making scenery. He was someone that focuses more on his school work and fashion. Which made me even more attracted to him. O’Neal was someone that made my knees weak just by looking at me, his smile melt my inner thoughts like butter and sometimes make me even stutter while talking to him. when he told me that he liked and wanted to be with me I was happy because I felt the same way. I went from weak knees to butterflies in the bottom of my belly, and sometimes even tears of joy. O’Neal was someone that brings joy in to my life, there wasn’t one day that he didn’t made me laugh or put a smile on my face. He was someone that wasn’t shows me off to everyone not only as his girlfriend but as his future wife, and every time he would say it, it would enlighten my love for him.
I went from meeting his parents to meeting most of his family and I was happy because he wasn’t a shame to show me around and I was excited to be seen, we dated for two years sharing each other’s feeling and trying to make each other as happy as possible, we graduated high school together and