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The Reconstruction Amendments were Amendments numbers 13, 14 and 15. In Amendment 13 the United States officially abolished slavery and anyone who continued to enslave African Americans would be punished.
The 14 amendment was first intended to secure rights for former slaves; meaning that they would be given equal protection under the law to all people. This amendment very well could have been the most significant structural changes to the constitution since the bill of rights.
On February 3,1870 it was finalized by the United States Constitution, that the government is not aloud to prevent a citizen from voting based on there complexion, race, or the possibility they may be a former slave.
The Reconstruction Amendments were extremely important, especially to those who were of African decent living in America.
In today’s history book, movies, television shows and etc. slavery is NOT described or portrayed nearly as bad as it truly was. During the time period when slavery still existed, African Americans where treated in such inhuman and cruel ways. This is why when the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were put into action. African Americans all across the United States were showing uncontainable joy and excitement, because at last slavery had ended, they were given the right to vote and most importantly they were citizens.
Overall they had finally gained there FREEDOM!
Slavery has been an issue since; the arrival of the first slave trade ship came to North America in 1619.slavery continued for many many years and for a long time people thought there would be no end. But in the beginning of the 1865, in January the 13th amendment was created and was later ratified the same year in December. Ending slavery at last, but that wasn’t the end of the changes to come.
In June of 1866, congress came up with the 14th amendment, the idea for the came from the people of the north and there growing rage for the south. After the war, the north expected the south to make changes and yet they did nothing. So the congress finalized the 14 amendment in July of 1868. Making all people equals.
The 15th amendment was made in February of 169 and ratified in January of 1870.
Many people think that slavery began in America, but there wrong. Slavery began before the first colonies were created. History shows that slavery began in China, ancient Aztec civilization, and parts of Africa like Egypt.
Slavery eventually made it all the way to America in a small place called Jamestown. In 1619 a Dutch trading ship arrived on the dock of Jamestown coming from the Caribbean Sea .the Dutch traders were in need of money, so they sold 20 Africans to the Virginians to aid in the growing of tobacco.
Little did these Virginians had created something so terrible it would take centuries to undo, leaving millions of scars in the process.

Before slaves to America there where many people of different races and nationalities that owned slaves, but in the south there were only one kind of people that owned slaves, and they were white men. Occasionally there were other races of people that owned slaves, but it was rare and they had to be extremely careful of what they did.
In the south slavery was very popular, and the entire south about 26% of the people owned a slave. Everyone