Essay on Hispanic and Latino Americans

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What have been the problems with Hollywood doing hispanic cinema?

A study done in the early 90’s sought to prove that there was an unrealistic ratio of white to hispanics in real life. There were only 2.5% of hispanic characters seen on tv, when hispanics made up 8% of the population at the time. The characters that did make an appearance were built upon discriminatory ideas of what they acted like. Portrayed as stupid, sexist, irresponsible and naive. For actors, there weren’t enough opportunities for roles to even attempt to fill a respectable one. There were some embarrassing attempts to glorify their heritage in films, for example in 1993 Disney produces Bound for Honor. Apparently they were trying to shine the light on the loyalty of gangster life for latinos in los angeles. However their portrayal was poorly put together with lame dynamics and cliche characters. Also, when true stories from mexico were attempted back then, again their white to hispanic ratios were off. Casting mostly white well known names with one or two hispanic no names to throw a little color in on the screen. Perhaps some more realistic attempts would have arose if the demand would have called for it like the black community wanted so badly. Latinos reacted non confrontationally to their misrepresentations, unlike the black community would.

B. Who are the major Hispanic American directors and what films of theirs are important? Robert Young was white, but he had a love for portraying the struggles of immigrants and poor people of foreign countries including Sicily and Mexico. He was ahead of his time bringing his first indie film about a mexican boy released in 1978,Alambrista! He creates a character that anyone in California or mexico trying to get into California could relate to. Instead of romanticising any of that journey, he portrays a very real experience of what that may have been like. Young follows with another film with identifiable and real life like characters from Mexico struggling with the American politics and racism.That film was Ballad of Gregorio Cortez, Gregorio is a well off man living his life as a husband and father, but suffers a brutal court hearing based on lies. Merely for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong kind of people. Other redeeming films brought a little later include Break of dawn by Isaac Artenstein, and Stand and Deliver by Ramon Menendez. Bringing stories about political and generously empathic hispanic heroes. Even still at the time this book was written, there were only three hispanic directors, whom were Gregory Nava, Robert Rodriguez, and Luis Valdez. These men called out cliches, political injustice, and current struggles to be reconsidered and reiterated to the entire American population including immigrants to enjoy.

C. Who are the major Asian American directors and what films of theirs are important? Wayne Wang was born in Hong Kong in 1949 to American adoring parents. He was the first director to portray asians legitimately. His characters carried eager attitudes and lived well integrated lives as dual citizens, immigrants. There were also people like him who felt they had dual cultural understandings and identified equally as an American and an Asian. Depending on what country their families were from, or where they were born. His first directed film was chan is missing. By the time this was released, he had acted in television shows, movies and co directed a film seven years previously. He saw the misrepresentations of Asian characters appearing in Hollywood screens. HIs loveable movie was greatly accepted, not only because it was well written and funny, but because audiences always love a true portrayal of any culture. Now everyone had a new face to associate their idea’s of what asians were really like, not the violent, sexist, high strong, or ridiculously smart image they had been given by the screens since the 40’s. Next he came out with Eat a Little Bowl of Soup,