Hispanic Challenge Essay

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Sixtos, Stephanie
Professor Alvarez
Political Science
08 October 2014

America’s New Culture Throughout American history there have been numerous encounters of immigrants who migrate to this country in hopes to gain the so called “American Dream”. But in reality what is the American Dream? Since the country is filled with so many different cultures and ethnicities, it may be a combination of both, whether it is a Chinese American, Mexican American, or Indian American, the strive to progress is just as equal. Samuel P. Huntington holds a different perspective in his article, “The Hispanic Challenge”. Huntington believes that if the United States would have been founded by the Portuguese, French or Spanish rather that the British the U.S would probably have been what is seen as a third world country. I on the other hand, believe that if the immigrants, in this case Hispanics, were given an opportunity to improve themselves, they would. Huntington believes that if the number of immigrants coming to the U.S were to decrease, the true U.S culture would be absorbed, wages of low-income citizens would advance, welfare would disappear, and there would be no debating over two National languages. These concepts may be true, but Hispanics are not the only minority living in poverty. Among them there are Asians and Black, but since the number of Hispanics is increasing it probably seems “right” to fault the undocumented man, who works the fields daily, in the burning heat, just to provide his family with basic necessities. If the number of immigrants is what pushes welfare, well what about the African Americans, Asians and even Whites, who also use this system to feed their families? African Americans were brought into this country illegally, they have been enslaved and now in some sickening way they still are. And now it isn’t only the African American the Elite blame, but they tie Hispanics and Blacks together. When people think of minority groups automatically Hispanics and Blacks are the first two. Why? Because society portrays these two groups as “bad” or even ignorant. And it’s all being done through the media. Now it has been proved that majority of immigrants that come from Mexico settle into states that were once Mexican territory. These territories are known today as California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The U.S won what was once Mexican territory through the Mexican American War of 1846-1848. According to Huntington, “Mexico is the only country that the United States has invaded”. But wasn’t it the British who came to the New World? Wasn’t it the Colonists that took over, that killed and pushed off the Native Americans because of Manifest Destiny? When the U.S won Texas in 1836, John L. O’Sullivan stated in the Annexation of Texas, “If Texas became peopled with an American population, it was by no contrivance of our government, but on the express invitation of that of Mexico herself… She was released, rightfully and absolutely released, from all Mexican allegiance”. Mexico initially allowed Americans to enter Texas, to help work the land, with one condition and that was to become a Mexican citizen, which many agreed to. It wasn’t long before the Americans began overpopulating Mexicans; of course it upset the Mexicans. O’Sullivan believes that it was Mexico’s fault for the war since they were just guests and then they are suddenly being attacked. O’ Sullivan also believed that if Texas wouldn’t have become part of the U.S then, it was inevitable for it to slip away seeing how it was their “God given right” to expand from sea to shining sea. If the colonists had God’s right to expand West, why doesn’t any immigrant have