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AP English assignment 1 Madeline Withrow The first time reading To Kill a Mickingbird was just an ordinary, almost boring read for some English class. After discovering How to Read Literature Like a Professor, I now realize that it is an amazing, in-depth novel about much more than two kids growing up in a rough time. I have discovered more symbols and metaphors than I did the first time, while realizing that the characters bring much more meaning to the book, and that every character has a purpose. At first read, you would obviously point out that a time watch, and evrything found in the tree is a symbol for something. you may not know exactly what for, but everything is a symbol. In the foster book, he tells us that most every significant object is a symbol, and that there isn't always one definite answer. For example, the time watch coul obviously be put there just to symbolize how fast life goes, or that time isn't a big deal in your childhood. With Foster's book, you may be able to dig deeper and say that if you look hard enough, you'll find time for even the little things, like time with your kids or making new friends. There are no wrong answers, and there are infinite possible answers. Something that I didn't realize until now was that there are metaphors in many lines, chapters ad characters in TKAM. One of the biggest that i would like to slap myself for not finding the first time was the ending courtroom scene. As the father, Atticus Finch, goes up and defends the black man without a second thought, he is acting as a metaphor for that entire time era of the 60's. Mr. Robinson being completely innocent is the unknowing, innocent people of the time; the kids and segregated people. the jury and people in the court being heartless and just wanting the black man to suffer being the protestors and politicians for segregation. Atticus Finch is the way he is to show not only that Mr. robinson is not guilty, but to show the peopl eof the time the way they shoulld act, what they should stand for. This doesn't seem deep to us now, but in the