Hispanic Immigrants And Politics Essay

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Hispanic Immigrants and Politics
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Hispanic Immigrants and Politics
Why does our government treat Hispanic immigrants like if they were individuals who don’t deserve to be part of the American society? We are all make of the same flesh and genetic material and everybody deserve to be treated with respect. The unique differences of each human being are what separate us from each other. Every single person plays an important role in our society. The wellbeing of the Hispanic immigrants in the United States is in the hands of our two political party’s Republicans and Democrats who can’t agree on anything because they think these people don’t deserve to be treated as human beings.
Jackie Calmes, wrote an article in the New York Times on November of 2014 about Hispanic Immigrants and our politics. The Republican Party was represented by Mitt Romney argued that Latinos who are here illegally needed to go back to their native countries. His argument was that they broke the laws and they don’t deserve to stay in the United States taking advantage of the American system and not contributing to the American economy. The President Barack Obama was proposing an amnesty to solve the illegal immigration problem in the U.S. The proposal did not go very far because the Republican Party voted against it.
Mo Brooks, a Republican of Alabama failed proposal to extend citizenship to “so-called Dreamers – Latinos who were brought into the United Stated illegally as children (Calmes). The argument was that the children do not deserve to become Americans because it will create an issue if they joined the military. Brooks said to join the military individuals have to be 100 percent American, loyal and trustworthy. The Republican Party proposed to pass an immigration agreement but the Democratic Party didn’t agree. They wanted to send the parents back to their countries for one year as a penalty before applying for citizenship. This proposal created a lot of controversy because parents were not going to leave their children behind. This was taken as lack of consideration for their families.
The proposals of the President Obama are in the right track for a better immigration reform. However, the Republican Party wanted to show the opposite to the public through the broadcasting News Networks. According to NBC News the poll about immigrations reform only 38 percent were in favor of immigration reform. But during the elections the Latino votes took everybody by surprise especially the Republican Party when 62 percent of Latinos voted for Democrats. The president is promoting a policy that tries to keep children and families together and stop detention and deportation of parents who have U.S citizen children.
This article was very interesting and it is very controversial to a lot of people specially the politic parties. It is hard for me to digest the words that came out of the mouth of the politicians Mitt Romney and Mo Brooks. It is very hard to understand how, someone with so much education; experience and money spoke in those terms. Someone who wanted to represent the American society worldwide thought he was better than everybody else. The achievements of every single person are the product of the hard work, consistence and dedication to reach your goals. Your level of education and achievements separates you from others as more knowledgeable and wise about certain thinks but it does not make you a better human being compared to others. For the contrary, the more education we have the more humble and understandable we should be and the better we should treat society.
Mitt Romney talked without thinking of the consequences of his words. Why politicians think Hispanics are taking advantage of our country knowing that they are responsible for illegal immigration in the country. Illegal immigration is very easy to stop and it is in the hands of the politicians. The penalty should not be for the people