Hispanic Women In The House On Mango Street

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Role of Women
In Hispanic society men and women are defined by their gender. The role of Hispanic women is based on the ancient idea of Marianismo. All women in their lives face some sort of oppression, harassment or abuse just because they are women. In “The House on Mango Street”, Sandra Cisneros describes the hardships Hispanic women face.

Marianismo is a “term that comes from the virgin mary and represents the ideal of true femininity that Hispanic women must live up to.”(Swier 46). The Hispanic culture believes women are supposed to marry, have kids, and stay at home. Because of this belief, women are forced to eventually believe it themselves depending on their families beliefs. In a story called “Marin” from “The House on Mango Street”, Esperanza describes Marin as the ideal women of the
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Castellanos says “The girl abandons the balcony which serves as a showcase for exhibiting her resources...”(Castellanos). Castellanos describes the girl as an object, as something to look at, or an exhibit. Another example from the poem shows the expectations Hispanic families have for their daughters. “Because a widow sews until she has lost her sight in order to pay for her daughter's quinceanera a daughter who is embarrassed by her and her sacrifice and makes her look like a servant.”(Castellanos). This excerpt expresses that it is so important for the daughter to be portrayed in the right manner for possible future suitors, that her mother would sacrifice her sight in order to make it happen. Hispanic women have been forced into these traditions and told that it is what is right and what they are supposed to