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The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was a time that involved a lot of change in America. During this time there was the rise of machines, cities, and corporations. All of these new things had a big impact on America and how it functioned around the time of 1870 through 1940. The Industrial Revolution had transformed the United States from a predominantly agricultural nation that ranked well behind Britain, Germany, and France to the world’s most formidable industrial power. During this time there was a lot change going on at a very fast pace, some of these changes were good and some were bad. Americans celebrated the Industrial Revolution for the unprecedented material wealth and progress it brought. Others grew disturbed by some of the grim consequences of the industrialization. They became worried about the immense power accrued by big businesses and capitalists and the growing amount of workers living in squalid slums. Americans worried that about the extraordinary power. So while it was great that America was benefitting from all of these advancements they were all quite overwhelming for some people. So I would say that the Industrial Revolution was beneficial in some ways but all had some bad impacts on America as well. One thing to consider is how much the Industrial Revolution affected the economy in America. The Industrial Revolution raised the value in farms, produced resources like, coal, lumber, cotton, oil, and steel. During this time every area of the economy produced enormous increases in output and value. All of the new technology was changing the way things worked, things became more advanced. Big businesses began to take over all around America and people were concerned about all of this power that was beginning to develop. The Industrial Revolution effected the environment greatly. All of these big businesses started to pop up everywhere and also factories. The factories are where all of the resources would be produced. Another thing to consider is the big increase in population during this time. In 1860 there were 31,450,000 people in America compared to in 1900 when there were 76,212,000 people there. The amount increased by 142.3 percent that is a huge in increase. Railroads were also produced which changed the way the