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history plan b plan TURNING POINT 1789. "[It is necessary to] reduce, if not destroy, the tendency of Jewish people to practice a very great number of activities that are harmful to civilisation and to public order in society in all the countries of the world. It is necessary to stop the harm by preventing it; to prevent it it is necessary to change the Jews. [...] Once part of their youth will take its place in our armies, they will cease to have Jewish interests and sentiments; their interests and sentiments will be French." this shows how he wanted nationality to become forthright to religion making antisemitism effectively impossible as it implys that the jews are not a race.
TURNING POINT 1808 jews emancipated as a religious group- stems from the declaration of man and citizen
1840 damascus affair. 2 jews blamed for muder of a friar and his assistant, beleved to have stole his blood. point to the fact how officals so ready beleved the rumours and supustition escalating into torture and the kidnaping of children to be held at ransom so their mothers would "tell them the hideing place of the blood" mention how the jews where used so easly as a scapegoat by figures of autority and how barbaric efforts people used to pursicute them ironicly using monsterus methods they would accosiate with jews
TURNING POINT 1892 Panama scandal could be argued that this stems from the belef that the jews are controlling the world as "puppeterrs" thus inciting violence towards the jews would seam logical. its could be seen as a cause towards the creation of The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion
TURNING POINT 1903 The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion sparked huge levels of violence against jews for example assassins of German Jewish politician Walter Rathenau (1867–1922) were convinced that Rathenau was a literal "Elder of Zion". showing how rumours where to be belived without rational thought. link back to the damascus affair 1903–1906 this could also be the cause a wave of pogroms in russia"The anti-Jewish riots in Kishinev, Bessarabia [modern Moldova], are worse than the censor will permit to publish. There was a well laid-out plan for the general massacre of Jews on the day following the Orthodox Easter. The mob was led by priests, and the general cry, "Kill the Jews," was taken up all over the city. The Jews were taken wholly unaware and were slaughtered like sheep. The dead number 120 [Note: the actual number of dead was 47–48[10]] and the injured about 500. The scenes of horror attending this massacre are beyond description. Babies were literally torn to pieces by the frenzied and bloodthirsty mob. The local police made no attempt to check the reign of terror. At sunset the streets were piled