Hist: Sales and Textile Products Essay

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Ohlins Chemicals is a distributor of industrial chemicals and solvents in the United States and Europe. The company is known for its quality products and superior customer service. In recent years Ohlins has developed new products in order to expand into the textile market in the United States. By acquiring independent companies Ohlins was able to create a Textile Products Division. New territories were set up in which salespeople would be hired or reassigned from the industrial products division because the approach to selling the textile products was essentially the same. Based on previous experience in successfully being able to sell products similar to the textile products Ulrik Johnson was reassigned from the industrial division to the textile division. Both divisions share offices and warehouses but have separate sales force teams for each division. Management for the two sales forces is also different. The textile division added a national sales position filled by Mike Page. Underneath this position is the district sales manager which is filled by Joan Fleming. The salespeople must report to Joan who then reports to Mike. Ohlins higher management has placed great importance on making the Wearever product line successful. The Wearever products are different than normal products Ohlins deals with because they are purchased in bulk then repackaged under the Ohlins brand. This product line has caused concerns for customers because they are not receiving their