Historian as curandera Essay

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Historian as curandera


History is story we tell ourselves as Khalil Gibran Muhamad defined it , or Story we tell ourselves about how past explains our present and the way story is told is shaped by contemporary needs as Aurora Levnis Morales nicely put it. Likewise it could be stated that we become stories we tell ourselves. Thus, history has role in construction of our identity. Given the importance of the story for us, could it be different story then the one we are told in mainstream media and thought in schools? The one that empowers us instead of enslaving us?
This paper deals with ways history can be interpreted and influences different interpretations have on society and individuals. This is explored through
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If, for example, traumatization of individual is direct consequence of deranged social circumstances (e.g. war but also of social segregation and exploitation in , so called peaceful societies), we can’t just treat sole individual; Instead whole society must be treated.
Both processes are nicely expressed in play by Caryl Churchill, The Hospital at the time of the revolution.

She brilliantly depicts the world of unhappy people unable to change their position, not being aware of it, due to upbringing or specific education and ideologization; Being too identified with their role in society that there is nothing else left in them besides their role or being aware but depressed, frightened, traumatized or confused as reaction to the whole situation of colonization, war and imposed dominance. In other words they are driven to madness.
Plot is, thus, very wisely, situated in psychiatric hospital during the Algerian war.
The play has ten characters. One of them is black doctor, about 30 and is head of psychiatric department in hospital in Algeria. It is interesting to mention that this character is created as tribute to