Historical And Scientific Perspectives On Homosexuality

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Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality
Kelley Smith
February 1, 2015
Nicole Pansey
Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality
Homosexuality is where a male or female has an attraction to another male or female. They are attracted to the same sex. Male to male and female to female. Homosexuality have been around for many decades. At one point in history being homosexual was viewed as a sin and they were punished. In today’s society gays and lesbians are more accepted and they are acknowledged as part of the human race. For some homosexuals it is hard for them to come out, because they are afraid of what their family and friends will think of them. Some families and friends will look down on an individual for being homosexual.
Throughout history homosexuality has existed. Homosexuality had been condemned and considered a sin and later some have accepted it. People have tolerated homosexuality because they did not understand it. As time has passed people have labeled them as gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, transgender and transvestite. Historical perspective is based from religious views. Some religions such as, Christianity view homosexuality as a sin. The Greek culture considered homosexuality as normal. Older males were in a relationship with younger males (Rathus, S, & Fichner-Rathus, 2011). Heritage has played a role in homosexuality. In many cultures the male and female have specific roles that they are expected to play. Latino and Latin American cultures think it is ok for the male to have sex with another male and it not be considered as being gay.
Homosexuals that come out have to recognize their sexuality t themselves before they can come out to their family and friends. Most homosexuals that come out have a sense of pride and form an emotional and sexual relationship with gay or lesbian partners (Rathus, S, & Fichner-Rathus, 2011).There are four steps that develop sexual orientation, these steps are attraction, self-labeling, sexual contact and disclosures. Coming out can be a difficult time for a homosexual because they do not know how their family and friends will react to them being gay or lesbian. Some family and friends will accept them and respect their decision and other family and friends will not support them at all, some disowning them. Some families and friends will reject them at first and then eventually they will learn to accept it. Some families and friend may have suspected their child/friend was homosexual and were waiting to come out and tell them. For some it can be difficult to come out and a relief at the same time.
Historical and scientific perspectives have really not determined my sexual orientation. Most of us have some kind of attraction to the same sex at some time in our teenage years and sometimes it is not until later in life. I realized after my divorce that I had an attraction for females and their bodies. I have never had any type of sexual relationship with someone of the same sex, but it has crossed my mind on what it would