Historical Globalization Essay

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Historical Globalization

Over the generations some people have had the idea that they are superior to others because of their skin color. It is a bizarre thought because underneath our skin we are all identical. The problem is in the past they didn’t have near as much knowledge as we do today and until countries started to send out voyager’s, people didn’t even realize that there was such thing as another race. This lack of knowledge led to many problems including slavery, assimilation, and depopulation. Problems such as these are ones that have made a huge impact on contemporary society. Even today we are still dealing with things that happened hundreds of years ago. Contemporary society should somewhat be responsible for the effects of historical globalization. There is no denying that over the years not all humans were treated like humans. Some were enslaved, being exploited as if they were product not people. In Africa especially this was a problem. Slavery was so bad for a while that Spain and Portugal set up slave factories where they would do nothing but buy and sell people, the majority of these being Africans. To prove that all humans are humans we need to treat all human like humans. I am sure there are still many people today that are bitter about past, but the way to deal with the slavery that took place in the past is to make sure it does not happen into the future. It is our duty as Canadians, Americans and other strong world leaders who do not have slavery, to pressure places that still have slavery, and make it stop. For us to prove that we accept all human beings we must stop forcing change upon cultures we do not understand. In the past Europeans had many ways of assimilating people, one of these ways was through residential schools. The biggest problem was not that the First Nations kids got taken away from their parents and assimilated (which is terrible) but the worst is their kids grew up in abusive, scary and unstable places. Now as adults with their own kids all they know is these terrible ways and they may do these same things to their kids. First Nations are often looked down upon because of the alcohol, crime rate and abuse charges, but they were taught this from the Europeans, often in residential schools! First Nations people didn’t even know what alcohol was until Europeans came. We need to help these people who were and still are being affected by residential school by making sure they have proper counselling, allowing them to celebrate their traditional ceremonies and stop trying to displace the people for our oil and gas companies.
Depopulation is another