Essay on Historical Interview on Nigerian Fashion.

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In line with my background, I found it imperative to carry out this interview in Africa. This was made possible via Skype, as my granddad and mum had a 2 hours session with me on this topic, “How clothing was obtained in our family during their time and their sense of costume while they were still champions in the village. Other relative questions they attempted to answer in this interview are the nature of clothing production during their time, and how they had influenced their style of dressing.
The interview was divided into two parts as clearly indicated above. The first questions were answered by granddad, while the later questions were answered by my
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M: Were you engaged in the actual buying and selling of cloths? Have you ever gone to the market looking for cloths?
D: Like I said earlier, the African man in those days could wear just one piece of skin for days, so the issue of going to the market was really not there. These skins were locally made. The only time we started going to our local markets to buy cloths was when cloths were imported into Africa by the Portuguese and Britain. It was after then, that we began to wear what we have today as cloths, even though it had very low patronage as at then.
M: Thank you dad:
D: Thank you my daughter and face your studies squarely. SECOND PART
This interview was also conducted via the same medium (Skype)
Here, ‘MM’ will represent the respondent while the interviewer’s remains M’
M: How was clothing made when you were growing up?
MM: Clothing was usually made from animal’s skins and back of trees. This means that livestock and economic threes as well as other threes in the forest were sources of clothing. For the making of animal skin, the fur or hair would be shaved clean and compressed to soften, and then it would be tanned. This process unstiffens the hide, which becomes natural leather. After this leather is produced, it is either decorated with shapes and outlines, shells, beads or left plain, this could be as a result of choice of who it’s been made for. Leather clothing could be simple to make as it takes few