Essay about Historical Mindedness

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Historical Mindedness
Caroline Stewart

Historical mindedness is the way any literature views history. The five stages of historical mindedness are sensitivity to time and place, sensitivity to multiple causations, ability to note and explain significant changes, awareness of basic continuity over time, and awareness that all written history poorly reflects the past.
The first stage of historical mindedness is sensitivity to time and place. This means looking at the past with the opinions, beliefs, and knowledge that people have today. Sensitivity to time and place is the least accurate form of historical mindedness because views change over time.
The next stage is sensitivity to multiple causations. Never in history does an event occur because of only one factor. This stage of historical mindedness looks at all influencing causes that bring about an event.
Another stage is the ability to note and explain significant changes. Most often, this stage is used with a list of events that occur quickly within a brief period, along with a very short explanation about the events listed.
Awareness of basic continuity in human affairs over time is the fourth stage of historical mindedness. Throughout history, the outcome of one event continues an affects the next event.
The last way to view history is awareness that all written history poorly reflects the past. Written history can be altered intentionally or unintentionally to fit the authors views and opinions. In