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Historical Report

Dear Josh,
I heard that you were interested in hearing about the historical background of African Americans. In my opinion African Americans have gone through much more than any other race in history. I am very glad to hear that you would like to hear about their historical background because it is very interesting to hear how they came to America and how they got where they are now!
The best part of the African American history was during the Civil war when they won their freedom and were realized from slavery. Throughout the four year stretch of the Civil war they started with no freedom whatsoever and were owned by white families to do their farm work, and house work to being able to be free men and woman and to do what they pleased. They were still not treated the same until the Fourteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution which made every person no matter what the color of their skin was to be treated equally and have the same respect. In 1865, slavery was destroyed forever and was never used again in The United States of America. This changed the African Americans lives forever. They were now to be treated equally and not be disrespected because they had a different color skin as the white men and women (BUTLER (2013).
There have been many concerns and issues concerning their culture, political, and social lives in the American History. An issue concerning their culture has been stereotyping with the music that some of them listen to. Many African American’s nowadays listen to Rap music. When people hear rap music most people automatically think that only black people listen to it. That is stereotyping their culture. Politically standing there has been some issues with people agreeing or disagreeing with us having an African American as a president. I fully agree that anyone is fit for the job, no matter what skin color they have they should be able to do it. No matter if they are African American, Chinese, or even a woman. Socially they have had issues with involving themselves with gangs. Many African Americans in the past have been associated with gangs because it makes them feel safe having people they call family. This has created big crime rates, and negative reactions towards African Americans ("Pocket Cultures", 2010).
The biggest legislation that was enacted in American history for the African Americans according to “BUTLER, (2013)” was the Fourteenth Amendment. This legislation made it possible for African Americans to be able to be free from slavery. It was a very big step in the right direction because it meant that their people would not have to serve others just because of their skin color. This Amendment gave them freedom and also made it clear to everyone else that they were to be given just as much respect as everyone else. Other groups did not agree with this legislation because they did not think that African Americans were equal to the white people. The south was the most upset about this decision, and they were forced to stop slavery. At the time there were white people who agreed and then there were white people who disagreed completely. According to "The Southern Argument For Slavery" (2013), white people fought to keep slavery by saying that the cotton industry would fail because there would be no one to work on the fields. They said that the economy would go down because the unemployment would be hired because of so many more people