Essay about Historical Report on Race

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Danielle, As you know we were discussing some issues that my race has faced and I know some of this will probably sound repetitive from old history lessons but hearing it and living it is two different things. I am so grateful to have a supportive friend overtime and I just wanted to share a little with you what being a African American is like from my perspective. I never try to throw out the race card just to get by and I know that you are aware of this but maybe some of the insight that I give will help you with the research that you are attempting to do. For years the African American race has faced many challenges not only in America but all around the world. The African Americans have very little value in the eyes of Americans but unfortunately the same discrimination is faced in other countries as well. Most people in the past viewed America has the land of opportunity but for African Americans not all of them came over willingly. Some Africans where brought over in chains and sold into slavery. The slave trade was a very popular business in America because people bought slaves and brought them back to America to use any way they choose. Just imagine buying a robot that does whatever you ask it to, now it give it a brain and heartbeat and that is what a slave was too many Americans during this time. The African Americans were not given the rights that normal citizens had even though our founding fathers created laws to protect our rights they were still not given the equal rights. The African Americans faced issues of prejudice and discrimination from issues like the right to vote to the right of integrated schools. Abraham Lincoln became a very unpopular president by some Caucasian Americans and very popular amongst African Americans when he abolished slavery in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment. ("The White House", 2014). Many other politicians addressed issues regarding racism, prejudice and discrimination. There hope was to change the stains of America that was publically scattered across the world while people viewed the countries problems of mistreatment of United States citizens. During the very popular civil rights movements many issues where addressed to be corrected. For years America tried to keep the secrets behind closed doors with mentality of out of sight out of mind. Eventually it could only be hid and kept in secret for so long before something was done to shine light on the problems inside of the country. The brutal killing of a young 14 year old African American boy in Mississippi sparked an outrage in America. The mother of the young child wanted America to see what was done to her son so that they would have to look at the image that she was force to last remember of her son. ("Pbs", 2014). Civil Rights Leaders and other organizations jumped on board of addressing the many struggles that African Americans faced. African Americans were not allowed for a many years the right to an education When the American legislatures decided it was possible to educate the African Americans they felt the only way to do so was to keep them separate. African American groups led by civil rights