Historical Report On Race

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Historical report on race

Historical report on race
As of 2010, there are a estimated 2,475,956 Native Americans and Alaskan natives living in the United States. The states with the highest population of Native Americans are Alaska, New Mexico and South Dakota. I chose to write this report as a historian writing about the racial group in book chapter. Native American is such a broad term and refers to so many different cultures that existed. In 1500, there were supposed to be 700 distinct languages that were spoken in the lands above Mexico. To make it easy, we just refer to these cultures and Native American.
In the nineteenth century, the secretary of war handled the relations with the Indians. There were treaties established and they read to be fair. They native Americans quickly realized that going along with the treaties and the governments wishes could get them in a world of hurt. Basically are government said u sign this or your way of life is going to get a lot harder. The Bureau of Indian affairs was created in 1824; this was to coordinate the government’s relationships with the tribes. It was supposed to maintain peace and a friendly relationship with the Indians.
In 1830, the Indian Removal Act was passed. It was the relocation of all Eastern European tribes across the Mississippi river. This act distributed there way of life and kicked them out of their homes. It wasn’t long though before there were going to be told to move again. The nineteenth century was devastating to all Native American Tribes. The Sioux were treated very cruelly and it is not forgotten by Indians what their ancestors had to go thru.
The Allotment Act was passed in 1887. It was to make individual land owners of tribal members. They gave each family 160 acres, hoping that the Indians would become more like the white man. In their way of life and there culture. It stated in the Act that they could not sell their land for 25 years though. This Act did not work and most of the land covered by it ended up in the hands of the white man anyway. The white man wanted the Indians to be more like them and felt it was best for everybody this way.
Now we move on to the twentieth century. In 1934 the Reorganization Act reconized we need to use tribal identity instead of ignoring it. This would allow the tribes more freedoms and allow them to have a written constitution and elect a tribal council with a head. This was to give all people in the tribe a vote, and that is how they would decide their leader. Even if the tribes didn’t get along, they would have one leader among many tribes. This is an example of forced assimilation and the Indians were just being bullied around.
Now days there are reservations and trust lands throughout the United States. There are 557 reservations within 33