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Historical Speech Assignment: Cleopatra
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Good afternoon everyone. My name is Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, the last pharaoh of Egypt, as some of you may or may not know me. I was born in Egypt around 69 BCE, as the third daughter of parents Ptolemy XII Auletes and Cleopatra V. Sadly, when I was eighteen years old; I experienced the death of my beloved father who left his kingdom under the custody of me and my brother Ptolemy XIII. As per Egyptian custom, I was forced to have consort and married my younger brother Ptolemy XII. Ptolemy XII did end up dying, and when he did, that was truly one of the happiest moments of my life. I knew that now, I, the Cleopatra, could have dominance over the entire country by myself. Sooner or later after Ptolemy XII’s demise, I married my other younger brother, Ptolemy XIV, as he was proclaimed co-ruler. My marriage with Ptolemy XIV did not last too long as I poisoned him myself. Not ashamed at all if you may wonder, he should have seen it coming. When I was married to Ptolemy, I was also married to a courageous man named, Julius Caesar. I was in love with him and luckily Egypt allowed polygamy. Caesar and I had one son, Caesarion. Though unfortunately, Julius was assassinated in Rome in 44 BC. Following Caesar’s death, my son and I returned to Rome where I made him co-ruler (shortly after I had poisoned Ptolemy XIV). After Julius Caesar’s slaughter, I set my eye on the dashing and brave, Mark Antony. With my beauty and brains, I captivated the handsome; Mark Antony and later on we both got married