Essay on Historically Black Church

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Historically Black Church

Black churches was first found in America in the slave community and later solidified its mission during Civil Rights era. Black churches tradition of struggle for freedom and justice became institualized in independent churches that God had plan for their deliverance. In this modern era churches has adopted the cultural habits of the dominant society. Black people attempted to survive the evolution by going to church. Going to church was an outlet for black people. Black churches centered on empowerment and has steadily moved on towards freedom and justice. The institution of the black church emerged to construct a faith based on liberation. This tradition started doing the Civil Rights movements. African Americans religion is predominantly Christianity. (Orbis 2002). Religion has always been an essential aspect of black’s life that finds it roots from Africa. Here in America, slaves learned about Christianity not only from whites but from slaves as well. The plantation would appoint one of their older women who took care of the children during the day to teach them to say prayers and sing hymns. (Jones, pg. 176). Narratives set forth in the Old Testament and focused on freedom and deliverance resonated with the enslaved African community in the USA. Trapped in a system from which seemed little by human actions. Slaves emphasized trusting in god instead of trusting in man. (Brueggemann 2001). In America, African American people were seldom perceived or treated as individuals. They were usually dealt with as representatives of their race, as an external projection. Throughout history, the African American church has