The Impact Of Religion In Early Human Society

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Date: Monday February 6, 2015

Religion came into existence in early human societies when they were able to obtain a greater intellectual capacity. When humans became more knowledgeable they were able to further question everything in their lives, which led to the main question of a higher power.
Technology was born into human society because they got smarter. Creating weapons, cloths, watercrafts any new ideas they could benefit from. Religion was born into human society from technology. By solving physical issues they assumed they could solve spiritual issues as well. When trying to figure out life’s mysteries the only thing they could conclude to was a higher power. Popular speculations that led to this were why do animals act the way they do, why people die, what happens after their death and where they came from. This was called The Great leap forward, a rapid growth approximately 50,000 years ago in the Paleolithic Ages. Showing that with greater brainpower they questioned things leading to what we know today as Religion.

An example on how their brain was developing much more shows in paintings. Lascaux (a cave) has paintings showing sympathy for animals, before this time animals were not seen as divine creatures showing new beliefs. Additional evidence comes from a cave in France called Trois-Freres, a lion is engraved on a spike shaped wall displays signs of being repeatedly hit, as to kill it symbolically. These two examples indicate a special reverence for