Analysis Of The 1960's 'Beat'

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History 102

The origins of the word ‘beat’ are obscure, but the meaning is only to clear to most Americans. It implies the feeling of having been used, of being raw.
In literature they adopted rhythms of simple American speech and of bop and progressive jazz. He has much meaning of this word and has it described in depth to understand what it means and why it is used the way it is.
First, “During the 1960s "beat" ideas and attitudes were absorbed by other cultural movements, and those who practiced something akin to the "beat" lifestyle were called "hippies” ( B. Cook).They showed many unconventional values in this period, they flaunted unconventional sex lives, and smoked marijuana. Many young people didn’t live in the era of their parents; they went above and beyond what they did. Beat Generation; appealing in music, many young children went to see this young man in Tennessee, Elvis Presley who was the kind of rock and roll. Many of the rebellion was shown through music that was popular of the era. Many young Americans were drinking, smoking and living the high life. Many were influence by this era and all followed by this many were living the life and doing things way differently than they were done before. Artists also joined the rebellion, many did not use the easel and instead used huge canvases and trowels and outing knives. These years went very fast and did not last very long, it was just a phase for the country and everyone enjoyed it of what they remembered. They weren’t ashamed of flaunting what they did they were smoke marijuana and not hide their sex lives at all. Next, the literary meaning of the word beat means nothing more than 'bad' or 'ruined' or 'spent.' “We all use the word this way. When somebody is trying to get one last hit out of a bowl of weed and there's nothing but ashes left, you say 'Don't bother, its beat.' Or when you're tired: 'I'm beat.' There's beaten-down, beaten-up and beaten-out. The connotation is defeat,