History 101 Study Guide Essay

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What are the triangular indentations used for the script of the Sumerians called?[pic] Cuneiform[pic]

Who was Gilgamesh, and which city did he rule?[pic] Gilgamesh was the King of Uruk. His reputation inspired the Epic of Gilgamesh/5th king of Uruk(2500 BC), reigned 126 yrs/lugal “big man”(leader) wealthy young man, warrior

[pic]Which technologies were used by the earliest Western civilizations? [pic] Stone, wood, leather, and fibers[pic]/ 1st appearance of tools (bone, wood, stone) (Paleolithic “Old Stone Era”)

What conclusions may be drawn from a study of the Iceman and the materials found with him about what he did and what he was most likely to have been?
[pic] He was probably a hunter or a shepherd
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[pic]The discovery in 1899 of a large palace structure at Knossos in Crete is the most significant architectural evidence of which civilization?[pic] Minoan[pic]

By what name is the first true Greek civilization is known? [pic]Mycenae[pic]

How should we approach and read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey?[pic]
Focused on the Trojan war and its aftermath

What happened during the Greek Dark Ages?[pic]
Mycenaeans (greeks) got together to fight Troy for the entrance to Hellespont, the waterway to import grain from the Black Sea.

[pic]What or who was a hoplite? [pic]Greek soldier ("300" type of warfare)[pic]

For what were the Spartans best known?[pic] The best army[pic]

To whom did the Athenian politicians grant absolute authority in 594 B.C. - and why?[pic] Solon (to reorganize the polis). He provided financial growth to lower class people.

[pic]Why did Darius punish the rebellion of Miletus so harshly? [pic]To warn the greeks[pic]

What is the Greek term for a city-state? [pic]Polis

[pic]Which event seemed to confirm the Greek belief that their institutions were superior to all others?[pic]
The Greeks were completely outnumbered at the battle at Marathon, but still beat the Persian Army. They credited their success to the patriotic morale generated by democracy