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Pen Argyl Area School District has done an amazing job at giving seniors a great four years in high school. From a freshman to a senior each year has seemed to hold a new and improved privilege. Why not add one more perk to the much deserving senior class? Giving them the advantage to leave early if they have a period ten study hall would greatly compliment their senior lifestyle. Pen Argyl Area School District should greatly consider this senior privilege because it allows them more time for a job, gives period ten study hall a greater purpose, and allows more time to compliment the busy senior lifestyle.
As a senior in high school it is very important to hold a job. In fact the 2013 census finds that more than one in four high school students work, that’s more than three million nationwide. Giving seniors the opportunity to leave during period ten study hall will not only allow them to work more but have more flexible hours as well. Working more hours is important because that means a greater income of money and seniors need as much money as they can get. Being able to afford a car is a very big factor in a senior’s life. They need to pay for insurance, gas, and maintenance which add up over time. Another expense that is on all seniors minds is for college. In a recent survey of college pricing the college board reports that an average yearly tuition for in state college is $22,261. At such a steep price seniors have to work for their future education and having the opportunity to leave a period ten study hall would benefit them greatly.
Another reason for allowing seniors to leave early is that a period ten study hall serves no purpose towards them. Homework is rarely given to seniors therefor a study hall wouldn’t benefit them. Instead of using the study hall as it should be students with no homework would simply socialize. Being the last period of the day students left without homework would stray away from being…